Three Meet Weekend

March 15-16, 2024

This weekend is busy for our team as we have a Fiesta, a Jamboree, and a Festival on our calendar! We will divide and conquer going to three different meets: Dublin Distance Fiesta, Santa Rosa Field Events Jamboree, and San Ramon Valley High Sprint and Field Festival.

Monday we will post meet details and Tuesday evening we will post on this page which meet each athlete is going to.

Santa Rosa Field Events Jamboree

Saturday, March 16, 2024
Start Time 10:00 am
Santa Rosa High School

Order of Events (PDF)

Majority of our athletes will be going to this meet. The Jamboree only has field events. 

Meet Roster and Events - Santa Rosa Field Event Jamboree

Key - (FS) = Frosh/Soph, (JV) = Junior Varsity, (V) = Varsity

  Athlete Events
  Danna Altamirano Shot Put (FS), Discus (FS)
  Zaira Alvarado Medina Discus (FS)
  Faith Crutcher Shot Put (FS), Discus (FS)
  Angela Garcia Moyado Shot Put (JV), Discus (JV)
  Arlette Huen-Lopez Shot Put (FS), Discus (FS)
  Mila Martin Long Jump (FS)
  Denisse San German Carranza Discus (FS)
  Karyn Sanchez Shot Put (FS), Discus (FS)
  Paige Thompson Shot Put (V), Discus (V)
  Kristopher Adams Long Jump (V), Triple Jump (V)
  Jadon Black Long Jump (V)
  Austin Brusco Long Jump (V), Triple Jump (V)
  GianPaolo Devoto Shot Put (JV), Discus (JV)
  Caden Devries High Jump (V), Long Jump (V), Triple Jump (V)
  Evan Fequiere Long Jump (FS), Triple Jump (FS)
  Bradly George Shot Put (V)
  Nolan Gulbransen Shot Put (V), Discus (V)
  Owen Jones Long Jump (V)
  Ussyel Juarez Shot Put (JV), Discus (JV)
  Dan Pena Martinez Long Jump (FS)
  Jordan Perkins Long Jump (V), Triple Jump (V)
  Jackson Roach Long Jump (FS), Shot Put (FS)
  Michael Shaw Long Jump (FS), Shot Put (FS)
  Samuel Spaulding Shot Put (FS), Discus (FS)
  Mason Van Tuy Shot Put (FS), Discus (FS)
  Izeyah Wright Long Jump (V)

San Ramon Valley High Sprint and Field Festival

Saturday, March 16, 2024
Start Time 10:00 am
San Ramon Valley High School

Order of Events (PDF)

We will be taking a select group of sprinters and hurdlers to this meet. We will post our meet roster here on Tuesday evening.

ALL ATHLETES need to check in at the check table prior to 10 AM


SRV’s address is 501 Danville Blvd. The best way to get to the track is to park in one of two places: in front of the school near the pool (or on the street). Walk through the gate between the pool and tennis courts. Or, you can park in the large parking lot behind the school. That lot can be accessed by entering the side lot on Love Lane and following the parking lot behind the large classroom building. There will NOT be access to the track through Del Amigo Road.

Spectators’ Fee:

Spectators will be charged an entry fee: $8 for adults; $5 for seniors, veterans, military, and children under 5. Go Fan Link for Tickets

Snack Shack:

They will have a snack shack for the duration of the meet.

Meet Roster and Events - San Ramon Valley

  Athlete Events
  Ariana Rogina 4x100m, 100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles
  Aurelia Burgo 4x100m, 100m, 200m
  Kiara Asti 4x100m, 100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles
  Megan Kinsey 4x100m, 200m
  Violet Bowser 400m, 200m
  Airik Parker 4x100m, 100m, 200m
  August Gesell 100m, 200m
  Cruz Tuso 110m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles
  Ezekiel Smith 4x100m, 100m, 200m
  Ghazi Sandoval 100m, 200m
  Glencarlo Sibbu 4x100m, 100m, 200m
  Kristofer Torres-Lebeau 100m, 200m
  Noah Switzer 4x100m, 100m, 200m
  Ryan Yeager 100m, 200m
  Tate Triola 110m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles
  Xander Newman 110m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles

Dublin Distance Fiesta

Friday, March 15 & Saturday, March 16, 2024
Dublin High School
Meet Website

Dublin is making some changes to this year's Dublin Distance Fiesta this weekend. The biggest change is that on Friday March 15, the meet will now start at 2:00pm and have multiple heats of the 1600m. Below you will see what you are running and the approximate time your event will take place.

Friday Early Release:

11:00 am for Asher, Oliver, Katie, Tristan, Elliot
Asher, Oliver, Katie, Tristan will be picked up outside of the gym at 11:10am by Robert

Athlete Arrival Times:

Arrival Time Athlete(s)
1:15 pm Katie, Asher, Elliot, Oliver, Tristan
6:00 pm Bodhi, Max
7:15 am Sydney, Serena
8:20 am Hanne, Amrie, Seelah, Bodhi
11:00 am Graham, Max
1:00 pm Katie, Serena, Asher
4:30 pm Ryan

Athlete Info:

  • Athlete/Coach Gate will be the north gate of the track & field stadium. Athletes must be wearing the singlet to gain access via this gate.
  • Only athletes with uniforms on and coaches with passes will be allowed on the infield during the races. The only entrance to the track and infield will be done behind the 100 meters starting line.
  • Athletes should check-in 3-4 heats prior to their heat. THERE WILL NOT BE CALLS TO CHECK-IN.
  • Our Camp Spot will be on the curve by the 200m marker
  • Pay attention to the HEAT SCOREBOARD

Spectator Info:

  • Parking: Once available, there is plenty of parking available on campus as well as on the street.
  • Spectator Gate: Located at the south gate of the track & field stadium.  Only spectators will be allowed through this gate, no athletes or coaches.
  • Tickets: All tickets must be purchased online only - no cash will be accepted at stadium entrance. Purchase tickets on GoFan.


Live results will be posted at

Friday, March 15 Meet Starts at 2:00 pm. Arrival at 1:15 pm

Event Heat Estimate Start Time Athlete(s)
Girls 1600m
  Heat 3 2:15 pm Katie
Boys 1600m
  Heat 6 3:45 pm Asher, Elliot
  Heat 17 4:40 pm Oliver
  Heat 19 4:55 pm Tristan
Boys 3200m
  Heat 3 7:25 pm Elliot
  Heat 4 7:35 pm Oliver, Tristan
  Heat 6 8:00 pm Bodhi
  Heat 12 9:15 pm Max

Saturday, March 16 Meet Starts at 8:00 am. Arrival at 7:30 am

Event Heat Estimate Start Time Athlete(s)
Girls 1600m
  Heat 16 (6th of day) 8:36 am Sydney, Serena
  Heat 29 (Sombrero Heat) 10:20 am Hanne, Seelah, Amrie
Boys 1600m
  Heat 30 (10th of day) 10:56 am Bodhi
  Heat 53 1:00 pm Graham
  Heat 55 1:10 pm Max
Girls 800m
  Heat 2 2:36 pm Katie
  Heat 15 3:20 pm Serena
Boys 800m
  Heat 7 4:29 pm Tien
  Heat 9 4:35 pm Asher
  Heat 30 5:35 pm Max
  Heat 51 7:00 pm Ryan
Girls 3200m
  Heat 8 (Sombrero Heat) 7:25 pm Hanne, Seelah, Amrie