Twilight Invitational

April 13, 2024
Start Time 10:00 am (Open Field Events)
11:00 am (Open Running Events)
7:15 pm (Invite Running Events)
Santa Rosa Junior College

Due to unprecedented amount of entries the Twilight Invite schedule has been adjusted. Go to 2024 Santa Rosa Twilight Invitational (PDF) to view the changes which are in red. 

Santa Rosa Twilight Invite - Meet Program (PDF)

2024 Santa Rosa Twilight Invitational (PDF)

Athlete Info:

  • Athlete arrival time depends on event start.
  • Field Events - Check in at the event site at least 30 min prior to event start time
  • Running Events - All athletes in the running events must check in at the Bull-Pen 30 minutes prior to the start of their event.
twilight_invite_athlete_events.pdf twilight_invite_athlete_events.pdf
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Spectator Info:

  • Entry fee is $5 General Admission

Meet Program
The meet program has been released with heats and flights for all events. The last heat for running events will be held during the evening section. I will create a time estimate for event starts and post as soon as possible.
Santa Rosa Twilight Invite - Meet Program (PDF)

Rough Timeline for Open Session running events
This is a rough timeline for when events may start. They will run the meet as a “rolling schedule”, so if they are ahead of schedule they will not slow it down. All 4x100m runners and alternates along with 1600m athletes need to arrive no later than 10:00am. All other athletes need to arrive at least an hour and a half before their first event.

Event Estimated Start Time Athletes
2000m Steeplechase 10:00 am Amrie Lacefield, Max Azevedo, Samuel Weeks
4x100 11:00 am Girls 4x100 team, Boys 4x100 team
1600m 11:15 am Katherine Thomas, Sydney Stroud, Serena Karres, Cora Morthole, Carter Graf, Tien Luong, Asher Cabinaw Harris, Cameron Guenther, Oliver Haupt, Elliott Larsen, Bodhi Finnerty, Samuel Weeks, Tristan Karres, Tomas Mercado
100/110H 12:20 pm Leia Burton, Kiara Asti, Cruz Tuso, Tate Triola
400m 12:50 pm Violet Bowser, Jasmine Mansfield, Kehlen Eubanks
100m 1:30 pm Lindsey Tyler, Zaira Alvarado Medina, Harlow Barber, Olivia O'Toole Barber, Violet Bowser, Katelynn Anderson, Aurelia Burgo, Megan Kinsey, Ussyel Juarez, Matthew Oaschke, Owen Jones, Lucas Estrada, Bradly George, Michael Shaw, Ghazi Sandoval, Ryan Yeager, Kristofer Torres-Lebeau, Noah Switzer, Jackson Roach, Glencarlo Sibbu, August Gesell, Ezekiel Smith, Airik Parker
800m 3:45 pm Cora Morthole, Serena Karres, Tomas Mercado, Samuel Weeks
300H 4:15 pm Leia Burton, Kiara Asti, Tate Triola, Cruz Tuso
200m 4:45 pm Aurelia Burgo, Megan Kinsey, Kehlen Eubanks, Noah Switzer, Ezekiel Smith, Glencarlo Sibbu, Airik Parker
3200m 5:40 pm Sydney Stroud, Max Azevedo, Tristan Karres, Oliver Haupt
4x400 6:15 pm  


Field Event Schedule
Montgomery Athletes for Field Events

Start Time Event Athlete
10:00 am Boys Discus Nolan Gulbransen
10:00 am Girls Shot Put Mila Martin & Faith Crutcher
Noon Girls Long Jump Mila Martin
Noon Boys Long Jump Kristopher Adams
2:00 pm Boys Shot Put Nolan Gulbransen & Bradly George
2:00 pm Girls Discus Paige Thompson & Zaira Alvarado Medina
3:00 pm Boys Triple Jump Caden DeVries & Evan Fequiere
3:00 pm Boys High Jump Caden DeVries & Evan Fequiere
7:30 pm Boys Pole Vault Kristopher Adams & Jordan Perkins

Evening Invite Heats
Montgomery Athletes in the evening Invite Heats

Event Start Time Athlete
Girls 1600m 7:24 pm Seelah Kittelstrom
Boys 1600m 7:33 pm Graham Gregory
Girls 100H 7:42 pm Ariana Rogina
Boys 110H 7:47 pm Xander Newman
Girls 400m 7:55 pm Sadie Sanders
Girls 800m 8:15 pm Jasmine Mansfield
Boys 800m 8:19 pm Ryan LaFrance
Girls 300H 8:25 pm Ariana Rogina
Boys 300H 8:30 pm Xander Newman
Girls 200m 8:15 pm Sadie Sanders
Girls 3200m 8:44 pm Amrie Lacefield
Boys 3200m 8:59 pm Bodhi Finnerty
Boys 4x400 9:22 pm Montgomery “A”