Refer to this page for daily workouts for all athletes working on Distance (800M - 3200M)

If you are working in more than one discipline refer to those pages for workouts 

Hey Distance Crew - 

Couple of quick notes: 

1) Scroll down through the PDF to get to the Feb-May workouts. Underneath the workout schedule are split charts for your goal paces. Let me know if you have any questions. 

2) All distance athletes are required to wear a watch with basic stopwatch capacity. 

3) For those interested, there is an All-Comers Meet at Cal on Feb. 18. Let me know ASAP if you want to go. A parent waiver has to be signed in advance. 

4) Dublin Distance Fiesta is a distance-only meet on March 18. Mark your calendars, it's a blast. 

5) What's the #1 thing I hate? NEGATIVITY. Remember to keep your comments about yourself and your teammates positive and encouraging. 

6) If you're interested in cross-country in the fall, refer to the website

Let's have an amazing 2017 track season! 

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